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Thinking of Something Orange - Orange Blossom Honey Wheat
  • 10 IBUs. Our refreshing American wheat features natural orange blossom honey, and orange peel for a bright, citrus flavor
  • 5.2 % ABV

    Roll in Ze' Hay - Gose
  • 13 IBUs. This is our take on the German-style Gose beer, soured wheat beer with the addition of coriander and sea salt – refreshing with a little twang!
  • 5 % ABV

    No Ragrets - Bourbon Barrel Belgian Dark Strong with Chocolate
  • 24 IBU's. Belgian Dark Strong aged in bourbon barrels with Ghana Chocolate husks.
  • 11 % ABV

    Milka Stouta on NITRO - Milk Stout
  • 29 IBUs. Pro-Am with Tiago Verdini, chosen from Sweethearts Revenge home brew competition in Loveland.
  • 5.9 % ABV

    Blood Guardian - Blood Orange Imperial IPA
  • 100+ IBUs. Imperial IPA hopped with 4lbs per barrel of CTZ and Citra. We then added natural whole blood orange puree.
  • 9.5 % ABV

    Two Fives - American IPA
  • 79 IBUs. American IPA hopped with Nugget, Zythos, and Simcoe. This West Coast style American IPA is bitter up front with lots of citrus and pine. Now dry hopped with Mosaic cryo hop dust.
  • 6 % ABV

    Killer Boots - Caramel Porter
  • 19 IBUs. Our caramel porter is an English-style porter with a pleasing roastiness and chocolate notes. Our base porter recipe is infused with our housemade caramel at the end of fermen­tation.
  • 6.0 % ABV

    A Million Reasons (Draft and Bottles) - Bourbon barrel-aged Golden w/cherries and orange
  • 19 IBUs. Inspired by an Old Fashioned cocktail, we first aged our Golden Ale for 6 months in bourbon barrels. Then we blended it at cask strength and added house made Luxardo cherries and orange peel.
  • 8 % ABV

    German Chocolate Cake Stout - Imperial Milk Stout w/Chocolate, Pecans & Coconut
  • 39 IBUs. Imperial Milk Stout in which we added Cholaca liquid cocao, crushed pecans, and a touch of coconut.
  • 8.5 % ABV

    I'm a Pickle - Pickle Beer
  • 13 IBUs. This years pickle beer is a collaboration with The Real Dill of Denver, we took our Golden Ale and added spices and cucumber juice they provided. If you like pickles, you'll love this liquid creation inspired by the love of pickles.
  • 6.5 % ABV

    2017 Little Nonsense - Draft and Bottles - Bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout
  • 39 IBUs. This Imperial Oatmeal Stout was aged for several months in bourbon barrels. Robust flavors of dark malts, the smoothness of oats and the complimentary flavors the bourbon barrels bring will warm you up this fall. 2016 GREAT AMERICAN BEER FESTIVAL - BRONZE
  • 11 % ABV

    Roll in Ze Cafe' Limone - Cafe' Limone Gose
  • 14 IBUs. Inspired by the way they drink coffee in Italy, we added coffee from Dark Heart Coffee Bar of Loveland, with an added twist of lemon.
  • 4.8 % ABV

    Run By Fruiting: Guava - Milkshake Kettle Sour with Cardamom & Guava
  • 21 IBUs. Inspired by an Indian Lassi drink. This is a hazy "milky" kettle sour, that is actually soured with lactobacillus from an Indian Lassi yogurt. Also made with lactose, cardamom and this version has natural guava puree.
  • 7 % ABV

    Grow Old With You - draft and bottles - Bourbon Barrel-Aged Barley Wine
  • 60 IBUs. Our biggest beer to date, this Barley Wine was done with two mashes to make one single boil. We boiled it for over 3 hours to bring out the chewy, rich caramel flavors. This is aging in Dancing Pines bourbon barrels till it's aged to perfection
  • 13 % ABV

    You Can't Handle the Kolsch - Dry hopped Kolsch
  • 24 IBUs. Made in collaboration with Mo Betta hospitality group, this German style Kolsch ale, is made with German Pilsner and munich. Fermented with a Kolsch strain of yeast, and dry hopped lightly with Nugget and Comet, for an American twist.
  • 5 % ABV

    Little Nonsense: Double Cask - Little Nonsense in aged Bourbon to Brandy barrels
  • 39 IBU's. Our award winning Barrel aged Stout was aged for 6 months in bourbon barrels then blended it with Little Nonsense aged in Brandy barrels.
  • 11 % ABV

    Coming Soon

    Roll in Ze' Hay - Returns Mid September - Gose
  • 14 IBUs. This Leipzig style gose, is a salty sour wheat beer from Germany. SILVER MEDAL 2015 US OPEN BEER CHAMPIONSHIPS
  • 5.0 % ABV

    White Chocolate - 2/3/18 - White Chocolate Wheat Wine aged in bourbon
  • 31 IBUs. Wheat Wine aged in bourbon barrels, with Cholaca cocoa, chocolate husks, vanilla, and our house made caramel
  • 11.5 % ABV

    2017 Mountain Man - 10/21/17 - Strong Ale aged in bourbon barrels
  • 27 IBU's. This strong ale made with American malts, flaked rye and aged in bourbon barrels is packed with flavors of vanilla, marshmallow, and caramel. 2014 WORLD CUP BRONZE
  • 12 % ABV

    Scotch Barrel Little Nonsense -12/15/17 - Little Nonsense aged in Ardbeg Scotch barrels
  • Our award winning Bourbon barrel Imperial Stout aged in Ardbeg Scotch barrels from Islay Scotland. Peat, smokey additions to this rich Imperial Oatmeal stout.
  • 11 % ABV

    Tiramisu Little Nonsense -2/3/18 - Tiramasu Bourbon Barrel Imperial Oatmeal Stout
  • 27 IBUs. Little Nonsense bourbon barrel aged stout with coffee, chocolate, vanilla, and cinnamon
  • 11 % ABV

    Rum Coconut Mountain Man - 11/17/17 - Mountain Man aged in Rum barrels with coconut
  • 27 IBUs. We took our multiple-award winning Mountain Man and aged it in Rum barrels. We then added toasted coconut.
  • 12 % ABV

    Anybody Want a Peanut? - 10/5 - Peanut Butter Jelly Beer
  • 11 IBUs. This beer was inspired by a childhood favorite, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. English pale and biscuit malts give this the bread flavor, organic peanut powder and raspberry puree do the rest!
  • 7.2 % ABV